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Audio rental company Massive Events powers up with Adamson

Adamson at Audio Rental Company

“The Adamson S10 along with the E119 subs come together to form a high-performance system that is compact and agile in terms of its form, yet powerful enough to assure impressively high SPL over large distances without compromising on the quality of sound in any of the frequency bandwidths. Plus, the PLM20K44 offers unparalleled headroom with an absolutely sublime experience in signal processing and overall loudspeaker system control. Rigging and setting up our new system is so effortlessly easy, and the sheer performance value that it offers is absolutely unbeatable. This system is a total beast! And I must say, we’re very pleased with our purchase decision” exclaims Tushar Gulati of Massive Events an audio rental company based in New Delhi.

This comment from Tushar comes in after Massive Events successfully commissioned its first event with their newly acquired comprehensive audio system that comprises a total of 8 units of the Adamson S10 line array modules, along with 4 units of Adamson E219 matching pair subwoofers and 2 units of the PLM20K44 power amplifiers from Lab Gruppen.

The audio rental company, which has garnered a reputation of being one of New Delhi’s fastest-growing technical service providers for live events, decided to purchase this new system with the view to definitively enhance its technological value offering; as Tushar provides an insight into the purchase process saying, “We’d been wanting to expand our inventory for quite some time now, and when we found the opportunity to experience the Adamson S10 and E119 in action; we knew right then that this system would be the perfect addition to our existing inventory. We’re extremely grateful to the entire team at Stagemix Technologies – the official partners of Adamson and Lab Gruppen in India – who were so helpful and supportive throughout the purchase process, and made the entire experience truly seamless and hassle-free for us!”


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