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Adamson S10 And E119 Inventory For Unparalleled Audio Experience

A well-designed audio system plays a crucial role in the success of weddings and events. It ensures that every moment, from the exchange of vows to the speeches and music, is heard clearly by all attendees. Clear and balanced sound enhances the overall atmosphere, immersing guests in the experience. A professional audio system also ensures that music is played at the right volume, creating the desired ambience and allowing guests to enjoy the celebration without strain or discomfort. Additionally, a skilled audio engineer can tailor the sound to the acoustics of the venue, optimizing the listening experience for everyone involved. The right audio system brings the event to life, leaving a lasting impression on guests.

PlanBox Weddings and Events, owned by the visionary Mr Aman Goyal, has just expanded its inventory with the remarkable 8 nos of Adamson S10 line array cabinets, 6 nos of E119 subwoofers and 2 nos of Lab.gruppan PLM20K44. This groundbreaking addition to their arsenal of audio equipment will revolutionize the way weddings and events are experienced!

Mr. Aman Goyal, with his passion for delivering unforgettable moments, couldn’t be more thrilled about the new Adamson audio systems. He wholeheartedly believes that every event deserves nothing but the best, and the addition of the S10 and E119 further reinforces his commitment to excellence. With these cutting-edge technologies at his disposal, Mr Goyal is ready to take wedding and event experiences to exhilarating new heights.

The Adamson S10 line array cabinets, renowned for their pristine sound dispersion and uniform coverage, will envelop every guest in a sonic embrace. Whether it’s the sweet exchange of vows or the energetic beats of the dance floor, attendees will be immersed in crystal-clear sound that transports them to another world.

And let’s not forget the powerful E119 subwoofers! These beasts of bass will unleash a torrent of low-frequency impact, adding depth and excitement to every musical moment. From soulful melodies to heart-pounding beats, the E119 subwoofers will make guests feel the music in their souls.

Mr Aman Goyal’s vision and dedication to delivering unparalleled event experiences are perfectly matched by the innovative capabilities of Adamson’s audio systems. Together, they form an unstoppable duo that will redefine the way weddings and events are enjoyed.


The Adamson S10 is a game-changing line array loudspeaker that delivers exceptional sound quality for various applications. It’s advanced design and cutting-edge technology make it a top choice for live events, concerts, theatres, and more. With its precise waveguide, the S10 provides uniform coverage and excellent dispersion, ensuring that every seat in the venue receives clear and consistent sound. The innovative rigging system allows for quick and easy setup, while the lightweight yet durable construction makes it ideal for touring. From its impressive power handling to its outstanding sonic performance, the Adamson S10 sets a new standard in audio excellence.

The Adamson E119 is a powerful subwoofer that brings an exceptional low-frequency impact to any sound system. Designed for demanding applications, the E119 delivers deep and punchy bass reproduction that adds richness and intensity to music and sound effects. It’s advanced engineering and robust construction ensure reliable and consistent performance, even at high sound pressure levels. The E119 is equipped with a large 19-inch driver that maximizes efficiency and delivers extended low-frequency response with remarkable clarity. Whether it’s a live concert, DJ performance, or immersive theatre experience, the Adamson E119 brings the thunderous lows that make the audience feel the music in their core.


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