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Adamson M15 monitors added to the inventory at LumaSonic

LumaSonic is a full-service modern event technology provider based in Goa. The company has recently expanded its Adamson M15 inventory to better support its extensive client list, which includes many of Goa’s well-known music events and festivals.

Their new addition includes 4 nos Adamson M15 monitor along with a Lab.Gruppen PLM20K44 amplifier, which joins their initial package of 20 nos S10 cabinets and 10 nos E219 subwoofers, Lab.Gruppen PLM20K44 amplifier from Adamson Systems Engineering.

According to Craig Saldanha, Director of LumaSonic, our unwavering commitment lies delivering dependable, state-of-the-art event technology supported by skilled professionals dedicated to optimizing its usage. 

The S10 cabinets are compact yet powerful line array modules that deliver exceptional coverage and clarity. They are designed to disperse sound evenly across large venues, ensuring every member of the audience enjoys an optimal listening experience.

The E219 subwoofers add a deep and impactful low-end presence, enhancing the overall audio experience. These subwoofers are specifically engineered to deliver precise and punchy bass reproduction, bringing music and sound effects to life with immersive depth.

The new addition Adamson M15 monitors provides artists and performers with exceptional onstage monitoring. With their accurate sound reproduction and precise coverage, musicians can hear themselves and their fellow performers with clarity, allowing for tight-knit musical coordination on stage.

The Lab.Gruppen PLM20K44 amplifier serves as the powerhouse behind the system, providing ample power and pristine signal amplification. This amplifier ensures that the audio signal remains faithful to the source, maintaining the sonic integrity of the entire setup.

When it comes to event experiences, Adamson Systems Engineering’s lineup of audio equipment, including the S10 cabinets, E219 subwoofers, M15 monitors, and Lab.Gruppen PLM20K44 amplifier, creates a truly immersive and captivating sound environment. 

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