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Connect Night Club & Sky lounge offers a remarkable audio experience

Guests of Connect Night Club & Sky Lounge can look forward to a truly remarkable audio experience thanks to the powerful sound system installed by Adamson Systems Engineering and LD System. This state-of-the-art setup provides unbeatable sonic performance, guaranteeing crystal-clear sound that envelopes the entire venue with impressive accuracy. Enjoy your favourite tunes like never before with this exceptional sound system!

Real Sound (Rany Pattanaik) of Bhubaneswar had the job of designing and installing the system. The audio system at Connect Night Club & Sky Lounge consists of Adamson IS10P as the main PA speaker, Adamson subwoofer A218, Lab Grupper Amplifier D40:4L, and fill speakers, fill subwoofers, and DJ monitor from LD Systems – LDEB82G3, LDESUB18G3, LDSAT82G2, LADSAT62G2, LDICOA12-A, Amplifiers LDDP4950, MP7000 from Dynatech, with a Marani DPA480 Digital speaker processor.

Rany Pattanaik expressed his admiration for the system, noting how powerful it is and how clearly all the music nuances can be heard throughout the venue. He also expressed his gratitude for the technical support from Stagemix, which made the installation and tuning job much smoother. Mr Keshav Sharma and Mr Trinath Biswal, promoters of Connect Night Club & Sky Lounge, were very pleased with the audio performance of Adamson & LD Systems. Mr Trinath Biswal said, “Our customers rave about the remarkable audio experience we provide. Crystal clear sound, that can be enjoyed throughout the entire venue.”


LD System SUB18G3


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