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Adamson in CHRIST University Kengeri Campus Auditorium

Digiann Solutions Installs Adamson in CHRIST University Kengeri Campus Auditorium

The 4000 seater open-air auditorium at CHRIST University’s Kengeri campus in Bangalore has been installed with a brand new Adamson system. The new setup features a main stereo hang of 6 E12 line array cabinets, supported by 3 E119 subwoofers flown behind the main PA system on each side for optimal coverage of the audience area, along with 6 IS7px point source speakers for center fills, supplemented by IS219 dual 19 inch subwoofers placed under the stage, and CS10p self powered loudspeaker for delays, all powered by Lab.Gruppen D200:4L amplification.

The entire system was sourced through StageMix Technologies, the authorized distributor for Adamson Systems Engineering in India, and was installed by Digiann Solutions.

The Kengeri campus is one of three locations of CHRIST (Deemed to be University) in Bangalore, Karnataka with the other two located in Bannerghatta, and Yeshwanthpur. They also have campuses in Pune Lavasa in Maharashtra and Delhi NCR.

Jacob of Digiann Solutions who consulted on the install process shares, “The college management at CHRIST came to us wanting to revamp the audio system at their Kengeri campus’ auditorium. After considering multiple options we finalized on the large format E-Series line array from Adamson. StageMix provided us with simulations using Adamson’s Blueprint software along with CAD layouts, and schematics which greatly helped us calculate the optimal speaker positions and rigging points required. The Adamson system covers the space so well and gives such a warm, smooth sound even at a higher SPL with no harshness. The client is extremely happy with the result!”

Nitesh Narayan of StageMix adds, “One of the challenges was that the system had to be suspended from the steel truss structure of the roof, which required the weight be kept to a minimum and distribute the load between two adjacent beams. We were able to achieve this with the Adamson E12 since they are relatively lightweight and its rigging hardware makes it easy to adjust the angles for fast and secure deployment. The Adamson system provides consistent, clear audio right to the last seat, which is a distance of about 55 meters. We also added a pair of CS10p speakers as fills at the back to further enhance speech clarity for the last few rows. The CS10p has an option for MILAN based networked audio which was very useful given the long cable runs from the console to the speakers.”

Rev. Fr. Jiby, Director of the University, shares, “The inaugural event with the new audio system featured Bollywood artist Benny Dayal performing to a crowd of over 3000 students attending a national level architecture fest hosted by CHRIST University. The system performed well above our expectations and we have received very positive feedback from the faculty and students alike.”

“It has been a great experience working with the StageMix team, as they were able to understand and cater to the exact needs of the CHRIST University management and we look forward to working with them on more projects in the future,” says Jacob in closing.

AdamsonE12 3-way Line Array enclosure

AdamsonCS10p 2-way, Full-range Intelligent loudspeaker

AdamsonE119 Subwoofer

Adamson – IS7px Passive 2-way, Full range Point source cabinet


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