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WR 6415 DX

An EN54-24 certified 2-way outdoor speaker, featuring a 15AV woofer, M-75 compression driver, and rotatable horn in a rugged birch plywood cabinet; available in CX (covered exposure) or DX (direct exposure) versions for versatile professional installations in various environments.

DAS Audio

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The WR6415-CX employs a 15AV woofer for low frequency reproduction. A M-75 compression driver with 3″ titanium diaphragm attached to a 60º x 40º rotatable horn provides brilliant highs. The rugged birch plywood cabinet construction is available in black, white or military grey, depending on the finish.

The WR-6415-CX offers two exposure ratings: CX (covered exposure) for applications where cabinets are covered or protected, and DX (direct exposure) where cabinets are unprotected and directly exposed to the environment. The CX versions are protected with a thick ISO-flex polyurea coating on the exterior surface. The DX versions augment the protection rating by employing a fiberglass exterior. Stainless steel fittings and mounting hardware are offered on both versions.

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