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LARA 100

A self-powered, 4-way cardioid line array system with 6000Wrms, delivering 146 dB SPL MAX, ideal for large events; featuring controlled dispersion, cardioid attenuation, and advanced FIR processing for outdoor festivals, theaters, live music clubs, and touring services.

DAS Audio

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LARA® is a 4-way symmetrical, cardioid, self-amplified line array system with 6000Wrms power. LARA® has a linear performance of 146 dB SPL MAX and a wide dynamic range making it an ideal system for large events. Thanks to the cardioid design, we achieve a rear attenuation of -15 dB in the range of 63 Hz – 200 Hz.
LARA® incorporates 2 x 12″ woofers with a 4″ voice coil plus another 2 x 8″ in cardioid configuration; for the midrange, it uses another 2 x 8″ speakers with 2.5″ voice coils. The high-frequency section is made up of two DAS M-78N compression drivers, with 3″ voice coils and a 100º horizontal dispersion waveguide. All the elements have been designed and purpose-built to maximize the system’s efficiency.

The LARA® class D amplifier integrates a switching power supply with power factor correction (PFC), ensuring maximum performance and efficiency regardless of the mains voltage. Each amplifier provides 6000Wrms divided into eight channels, 3 of them in bridge mode to feed the 2 x 12″ and the two compression drivers. The remaining two channels feed the front 2 x 8″ and rear 2 x 8″ transducers.

The 3-point rigging system works for both LARA® and LARA® SUB, allowing us to hang arrays of up to 24 LARA units and 16 LARA® SUB units. The FSS TM (Fast Set Splay) angulation system allows angles to be adjusted in steps of 1º, from 0º to 7º from the stacked position, significantly reducing assembly time.

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