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The E119 Subwoofer, a powerhouse in the E-Series lineup, features a 19" SD19 Kevlar® Neodymium driver with advanced technology, versatile connectivity, robust construction, and mobility options, providing impactful and clean low-frequency reproduction for a wide range of applications.


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The E119 Subwoofer was developed to bolster the low-end of the E-Series line of products. The enclosure is loaded with a light weight, long excursion, 19” SD19 Kevlar® Neodymium driver utilizing Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture and Symmetrical Drive Technology. The driver employs a dual 5” voice coil for exceptional power handling, with a dual-spider suspension system for extra stability even under extreme excursion. It is mounted in an ultra-efficient front-loaded enclosure, designed to reproduce clean, musical low frequency information. Users will appreciate the lower fundamental notes of this design.

The cabinet construction uses marine grade birch plywood as well as aircraft grade steel and aluminum, and is equipped with four Speakon™ NL4 connectors, two parallel In/Out rear plugs and two dedicated cardioid input connecters in the front.  The integrated rigging system allows for either 0° or 3° splay between adjacent cabinets. The E119 can travel on installed casters, or on a 3-high covered dolly.


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