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Tree Tops Bar & Kitchen: Where good food and music unite

Tree Tops Bar & Kitchen is an amazing dining and nightlife spot located in the city centre. It gives you a one-of-a-kind experience with its vibrant ambience and delectable food. The bar offers up a variety of drinks, ranging from classic cocktails to craft beers. On the other hand, their kitchen has all kinds of dishes for you to choose from – starting from traditional pub food to modern cuisine. Plus, this place comes complete with live music performances and DJs – making it the ultimate spot for a night out. With its inviting staff and chill vibes, Tree Tops Bar & Kitchen is certainly an ideal destination for fun and relaxation.

Tree Tops Bar & Kitchen promoters believed that great food and music are the perfect pairings for a memorable dining experience. Dining out is not just about the food but also about the atmosphere and ambience that surrounds it. That’s why Tree Tops Bar & Kitchen has invested in an awesome audio system that allows customers to create the perfect musical backdrop for their meal.

Tree Tops Bar & Kitchen promoters contacted audio expert Philip of Concrete Audio and tasked him with an assignment to create a vibrant memorable dining experience. Today LD Systems audio MAUI i1 and Stinger subwoofer are enhancing the dining experience with the right music mix; it is creating an immersive and enjoyable experience while sipping on a classic cocktail to craft beer with mouth-watering modern cuisine.

The powerful LD System MAUI i1 is a passive, column-shaped loudspeaker designed for both indoor and outdoor installations. Its sleek and slim profile makes it a great choice for spaces where aesthetics are important. With six 3.5″ woofers and a 1″ tweeter, the MAUI i1 delivers a clear and powerful sound that can cover a wide area. Its weather-resistant construction makes it ideal for use in various outdoor settings. Coupled with Stinger 15″ subwoofer to deliver powerful and accurate low-frequency response. The built-in 800W Class-D amplifier provides ample power to drive the Stinger 15″ subwoofer.

Philip of Concrete Audio was full of praise for LD Systems Loudspeakers. He shared that the LD Systems Loudspeakers had the perfect amplification required by his client and produced clear, crisp sound. He gave a special mention to Stagemix, who are the official distributors of LD Systems in India, for providing such great support.


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