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Flow Brew & Dine Enhanced Audio Experience using LD System

Flow Brew & Dine, located in Saket, has rapidly gained popularity as a vibrant dining destination. With its extensive brewery and expansive bar, it offers a culinary journey like no other. Recognizing the significance of audio reinforcement in creating a lively atmosphere, the owners of Flow Brew & Dine collaborated with Andrew John, an esteemed audio expert from Integration One, to design a sound system that would elevate the overall ambience of the establishment. Their collaboration has resulted in an extraordinary atmosphere at Flow, enhanced by the implementation of LD Systems audio.

Addressing Flow Brew & Dine’s Audio Requirements:

Flow Brew & Dine had specific audio requirements for both indoor and outdoor spaces, aiming for crisp and clear sound during live performances and DJ sets. Leveraging his expertise and experience, Andrew John provided a comprehensive audio solution that perfectly matched the establishment’s needs.

Indoor Audio Solution:

For the main indoor area, Andrew John recommended a system comprising the following components from LD Systems:

  1. Stinger Sub 18″ for powerful sub-bass.

  2. Stinger 15 G3 for mid and high frequencies.

  3. Stinger 8 G3 for full-range distribution.

  4. In-ceiling speakers for VIP walkways and restrooms, ensuring a seamless audio experience throughout the space.

The audio setup consisting of an 18″ subwoofer, 15″ mid and high-frequency speakers, 8″ full-range distribution speakers, and in-ceiling speakers in walkways and toilets provides a comprehensive audio solution for the brewery. It delivers impactful bass, clear mid and high frequencies, consistent sound coverage, and attention to detail in extending the audio experience to all areas of the establishment. This setup creates a dynamic and immersive sonic environment, enhancing the overall atmosphere and elevating the enjoyment of patrons as they savour their food, drinks, and live performances.

Outdoor Audio Solution:

To cater to the outdoor seating area, Andrew John proposed the use of the following components from LD Systems:

  1. 2 Way 8″ DQOR speakers for exceptional audio performance.

  2. Stinger Sub 15″ to deliver punchy bass response that complements the outdoor setting.

The combination of 2-way 8″ DQOR speakers and a 15″ subwoofer in the outdoor seating area contributes to an enhanced audio experience. The speakers provide clear and well-balanced sound, while the subwoofer adds depth and impact to the low-frequency range.

Andrew John, renowned for his expertise in the professional audio industry, boasts over 45 years of experience. His impressive portfolio includes notable high-profile projects such as Bomba – Pizzeria & Taqueria, Bira91 Tap Rooms, Romeo Lanes, and Beer Cafes. With a wealth of knowledge and unwavering passion for audio, Andrew John consistently delivers exceptional audio solutions that surpass expectations.

In Conclusion:

Flow Brew & Dine in Saket has emerged as a go-to destination for food enthusiasts seeking a dynamic dining experience. The collaboration between Flow Brew & Dine and Andrew John of Integration One has resulted in a meticulously designed audio system that perfectly complements the establishment’s vibrant ambience. By utilizing top-of-the-line audio components and leveraging Andrew John’s expertise, Flow Brew & Dine has created an environment where patrons can enjoy live performances, DJ sets, and a lively atmosphere with exceptional sound quality. Integration One’s unwavering commitment to delivering excellence ensures that Flow Brew & Dine continues to offer an unparalleled sonic experience for its guests.


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