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Primeco Realty relies on LD Systems MAUI to blend elegance with power at Bangalore’s premium

Updated: Apr 23

MAUI 28 G2 at Primeco Realty

Primeco Realty Pvt Ltd is known to offer certain trademark design attributes like plush and elegant lobbies and large picturesque common areas at their iconic high-rise commercial buildings that grace Bangalore’s skyline. And with Primeco’s clientele including some of the biggest names in the IT and corporate sector, along with hospitality giants like the Hyatt group – the high-value and up-market stature of these establishments comes as no surprise.

Promoter of Primeco Realty – Mr Pramod Rao – takes every aspect of the visitor and dweller experience very seriously; and this is exactly why the company chose to partner with renowned audio manufacturer LD systems to offer a perfect blend of visual elegance and flawless aural presence at property spaces designed and established by Primeco.

Discussing about one of Primeco’s premium establishments acquiring a total of 8 units of the LD Systems MAUI 28 G2 for their lobby and common areas, Mr Rao explains, “Being proud owner and user of 3 different LD systems solutions (MAUI /CURV & DAVE Series) at my private residence; I looked no further when we wanted to install sound solutions that not only looked elegant but also offer a superlative listening experience. This requirement was for the lobby areas and common areas of our buildings housing prestigious IT & corporate offices; and Kern Fernandez of Tiara Audio India LLP arranged for a demo of the Maui 28 G2 system which absolutely blew our minds. The MAUI system offers everything that we desire, and blends so well with the posh aesthetics of our lobbys. We believe that our clients should enjoy a world-class experience at our premises and have access to all amenities in-house without having to look around for various vendors. This is exactly why we’re now in the process of installing a brand-new MAUI system as part of a total sound & light solution at the upcoming party area in one of our premium properties. Working with Tiara Audio India LLP is always a pleasure because they have an amazing insight on all the products and technologies, and understand our needs and requirements, while being available and fully committed to support us 24/7.”


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