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<strong>Mumbai’s NESCO SOCIAL vibes up with LD Systems</strong>

Nesco Social

Located within Mumbai’s bustling NESCO IT Centre in Goregaon is one of India’s beloved chain of “no-frill, only-chill” dining and music venues – SOCIAL.

Providing a safe haven for those who wish to let their hair loose after a gruelling day at work, NESCO SOCIAL sports the same rustic yet modern-chiq design philosophy and trademark FnB service that has made the SOCIAL brand such a rousing success among the masses across the country. What sets this particular outlet apart from the rest though, is its superlative music experience; which is assured through a comprehensive world-class pro audio architecture that prominently features loudspeakers from LD Systems’ impressive portfolio of high-performance products.

Designed and installed by renowned audio experts Munro; NESCO SOCIAL has been outfitted with a high-performance sound architecture that comprises a pair of the sleek and powerful LD systems Stinger 15 G3 loudspeakers complemented by 4 units of the compact and impactful DEL118 subwoofers from Dynatech, that come together to form the primary FOH solution. An additional 3 units of the LD Systems Stinger 12 G3 loudspeakers have been installed at precise points across the main dining section to ensure that the entire space is enveloped in a truly immersive high-quality soundscape.

In addition to the main dining section, the venue also sports a total of 6 individual private dining sections, each of which have been outfitted with loudspeakers from LD Systems’ aesthetically pleasing and incredibly efficient DQOR series mainly comprising the DQOR8 and DQOR5 loudspeakers. The subwoofers at the FOH position are powered through P.Audio’s HD80+ power amplifiers, whereas the loudspeakers located at the private dining sections are powered through the ultra-efficient PD1600Q power amplifiers from Dynatech. A total of 3 units of the compact and dexterous DPA260P loudspeaker management units from Marani offer end-to-end loudspeaker management and processing.

Sharing his views on the project, Kapil Thirwani of Munro comments, “NESCO SOCIAL sounds absolutely fabulous, no matter when you visit. The system performs exceedingly well during the daytime, and has ample headroom to accommodate higher SPL requirements for when the party really gets started as the sun goes down – all without compromising on the quality even one bit.

We’re pleased to have together a bespoke sound architecture for the venue, and it’s all thanks to being able to pick and choose each piece of equipment from Stagemix Technologies’ vast portfolio of high-performance products. Putting the system together too was pretty straightforward for our team; and the level of support we received from Stagemix was really commendable. Absolutely pleased with the way things have shaped up at NESCO SOCIAL.”



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