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<strong>Bangalore’s beloved Chin Lung Resto Bar chooses LD Systems to offer a world-class sound expe

Delicious food. Pocket-friendly alcohol. An amazing quirky vibe with inviting interiors that includes chic industrial lighting, wooden dining furniture, and some much-needed greenery around. These are just some of the aspects of Chin Lung one of Bangalore’s most dependable and most loved destinations to unwind and enjoy a bit of entertainment and nightlife.

What also makes Chin Lung even more endearing to patrons is the awesome music experience at the venue, which is thanks to the perfectly understated but extremely impactful sound solution from LD Systems that adorns the entire venue.

Designed and installed by Bangalore-based solutions company Acoustic Energy – Chin Lung sports multiple numbers of compact yet powerful DQOR5TB two-way passive loudspeakers that have been mounted at key points across the venue to optimize coverage of high and mid-range frequencies. Enhancing this aural experience is the sublime low-frequency fidelity offered by multiple numbers of the compact yet powerful Sub88A subwoofers that have been neatly tucked away out of sight at key areas across the venue to enhance the overall soundscape.

Paul De Silva of Acoustic Energy shares his comment about the Chin Lung project, stating, “The DQOR5TB and Sub88A is a match made in heaven. The system really does personify the age-old saying that all good things come in small packages. Not only is the system powerful enough to cover the entire venue effortlessly, but one can also experience every little nuance of music with great clarity. Plus installing and tuning the system here was such a breeze. This surely was a fun experience for our team, which was only made better with all the backend support that we received from the team at Stagemix. We’re excited to work with LD Systems on our future projects at the earliest!”



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