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Smoke House Deli assures a “lit” ambience for customers

For over a decade, Smoke House Deli has been serving up beautifully crafted food and experiences as one of India’s favourite European café.

With multiple outlets across the country, the delightfully peculiar world of Smoke House Deli has metamorphosed into an artfully imaginative, wholesome, and evolved version of its earlier avatar, while still retaining its ‘handmade with love’ ethos.

The latest Smoke House Deli outlets to have opened up at Bangalore’s Lavelle Road and Mumbai’s NESCO IT Centre are no different; as they boast the brand’s characteristic warm, abundant ambience – with one key difference though. These two venues in particular sport a pristine soundscape like no other – and it’s all thanks to a truly world-class, high-performance pro audio solution from LD Systems that has been masterfully designed and integrated by renowned audio experts Munro; and supplied by Stagemix Technologies – the official distributors of LD Systems in India.

Over 10 units of the aesthetically sublime and impressively impactful DQOR8 loudspeakers from LD Systems adorn each of the Smoke House Deli outlets at Lavelle Road and NESCO IT Centre respectively. Each of the outlets sport a tailored loudspeaker distribution design that leverages the acoustic character and performance capacity of the DQOR8 loudspeakers to offer optimum coverage and clarity throughout the respective venues; and ensure an absolutely smooth, consistent and aurally appeasing ambience. The entire loudspeaker setup at both outlets is powered through the ultra-efficient PD1600Q power amplifiers from Dynatech; with complete system processing and management achieved through the DPA260P loudspeaker management system from Marani.

Commenting on the project, Kapil Thirwani of Munro shares, “The LD Systems loudspeaker setup that we’ve integrated at Smoke House Deli’s Lavelle Road and NESCO IT Centre outlets respectively, offer a crisp and detailed sound experience while also allowing patrons to indulge in conversations without missing out on any nuance of the music playback. Another key positive is the fact that the loudspeakers blend in beautifully with the aesthetics and décor of each of the venues. All-in-all, I’d say that patrons are treated to an experience that is every bit pleasing to the ears as it is to the eyes and the taste-buds!”


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