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Loudspeaker from LD Systems pumps up BB Club Surat

Audio architecture from LD Systems

“With dedicated spaces like a full-fledged gymnasium and crossfit area, a plush pool area, an exciting gamezone, a lavish restaurant area and two cafes that cater healthy food – the BB (Black Bunny) Club is truly a modern-day haven for fitness and entertainment. And the truth is that there really is no other venue in all of Surat that looks or sounds as good as the BB Club!” exclaims Ankit Vadodariya of Evenflow Eternal – the solutions company that have designed and equipped the venue with a definitive audio architecture from LD Systems.

BB Club Surat

Ankit reveals, “The management insisted on a consistent and uniform sound experience throughout the entire premise without compromising on clarity or impact. It was also important that the loudspeakers blend well with the surroundings and the décor of the respective spaces. Based on this brief, we chose an eclectic mix of products from LD Systems since they met the performance and design specifications for each individual space. Plus, we also received a great deal of support from Stagemix Technologies – the official distributors of LD Systems in India – all of which made our work really simple and fun.”

Team Evenflow Eternal chose rely heavily on the ever dependable and versatile LD Systems CWMS52 loudspeakers, with a calm and ambient soundscape assured at each of the cafes, which individually sport 4 units of the loudspeaker; and the restaurant, which features a total of 8 units of the loudspeaker spread across key points to ensure optimum coverage. The pool-side too is adorned by 4 units of the loudspeaker.

Moving on to the higher energy sections – the bowling area sports a dramatic shift in atmosphere with 4 units of the CWMS52 coupled with a single unit of the SUB10A subwoofer for enhanced low-frequency fidelity. Then there’s also the Trampoline section, which is adorned by 4 units of the LD Systems SAT82G2 speakers complemented by 2 units of the SUB10A subwoofer – all controlled through a single unit of the Dynatech UFX 12 mixer. Rounding it all off – the gym area at BB Club has been equipped with 4 units of the LD systems ICOA 12 loudspeakers speaker and 2 units of the ICOA SUB15A subwoofer – all powered by Dynatech CS 6001 power amplifiers and controlled through a Dynatech UFX 12 mixing console – whereas the Crossfit section sports a total of 4 units of the LD Systems SAT62G2 complemented by 2 units of the SUB10A subwoofers.


LD Systems CWMS52

LD SYSTEM Subwoofer 10A

Subwoofers SUB10a

wall mounted loudspeakers SAT82


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