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Impressive sound architecture from LD Systems at Viraj Towers

Standing tall as a symbol of grandeur and opulence amidst the crowded cityscape of Thane is the majestic Viraj Tower, which is currently hailed as the most sought-after luxury residential property in all of the city. And to further enhance the premium luxury living experience for the residents, the Raunak Group – builders and developers of Viraj Tower – have adopted an impressive sound architecture from LD Systems for each of the common spaces and amenities within the property premise.

Sound Architecture:

Starting off with the fully-equipped gymnasium and health centre – this space has been equipped with a total of 6 units of the extremely compact yet powerful SAT 62 G2 loudspeakers, complemented by a single unit of the SUB 10A subwoofer; which together maintain a high-octane and high-energy atmosphere that keeps health enthusiasts pumped and motivated all through. On the other hand, the chique and elegant-looking banquet room – the entire space have been outfitted with over 16 units of the CICS 62 100V In-ceiling Speaker speakers from LD Systems’ acclaimed CONTRACTOR Series of products, in a manner that engulfs the entire room in a clear and pristine soundscape. The use of the versatile CONTRACTOR Series of products extends to the garden and swimming pool areas as well – with the garden section being outfitted with over 8 strategically located units of the rugged and dependable IP56-rated COGS 52 outdoor loudspeakers, while the swimming pool section features 4 units of the same COGS 52 loudspeakers.

Finally, the crown jewel of the property i.e. the lavish outdoor terrace that doubles up as a congregation space for various community events spotlights the use of the versatile and impactful DQOR 8B loudspeakers spread across the expanse to offer clear and intelligible mid to high-frequency reproduction, while impactful low-frequency fidelity is assured through SW-181 subwoofers from P.Audio. A pair of the COGS 52 loudspeakers have been deployed perfectly to cancel out any dead zones. The entire loudspeaker system here is powered through the use of LD Systems’ DEEP2 series of power amplifiers, with the DP4950 amplifier and DP2400X taking centre stage; whereas comprehensive system management is achieved through the use of DPA260P digital speaker management system from Marani Pro Audio.

The entire audio solution & sound architecture at Viraj Towers has been designed and integrated by Mumbai-based solutions company Addvantage Inc; with the purchase and transaction fulfilment assured by Stagemix Technologies LLP – the official distribution partners of LD Systems.

Mr Harsh – director of Addvantage Inc shares, “The decision to choose LD Systems for this project made life really easy when it came to designing and integrating the respective spaces with their own dedicated high-performance audio systems. LD’s diverse portfolio of technologies allowed us the freedom to choose from several different high-quality products, whereas doing business with the ever-dependable Stagemix Technologies team allowed us to stay rested and assured that the project would be commissioned in time as per the client’s expectations and without any hiccups whatsoever!”


5.25" Outdoor Garden Speaker

COGS 52 5.25″ Outdoor Garden Speaker

6.5" 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker

CICS 62 6.5″ 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker

8" Two-way Passive Indoor/Outdoor Installation Loudspeaker 8 Ohm, black

DQOR 8 B 8″ Two-way Passive Indoor/Outdoor Installation Loudspeaker 8 Ohm, black


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