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Hotel Fairmont Offers Good Audio Experiences at Party Lounge

LD Systems at Hotel Fairmont

Hotel Fairmont in Jaipur, Rajasthan is the ultimate destination for luxury seekers. With its top-notch accommodation, gourmet fine dining and extensive event spaces, it promises a truly luxurious experience. For those who are planning their perfect wedding day, this is the place to be. Hotel Fairmont has stunning architecture coupled with a luxurious setting. The hotel ensures an unforgettable wedding celebration with your loved ones, be it an intimate gathering of 100 or a grand affair of thousands!

The Hotel Fairmont is known for its world-class restaurant Zoya and Zarin. After-hour party lounge adjacent to Zarin now enjoys a pristine soundscape crafted by LD Systems, the top-quality sound system provider. With this addition, guests are able to sink into the vibrant energy that is immersed in every corner of the lounge. JB’s renowned audio experts discretely incorporated this pro audio solution in order to create an immersive atmosphere with full surround sound. The equipment was supplied by Stagemix Technologies, the official distributor of LD Systems in India.

JB’s, an audio specialist from Jaipur, was contacted by Mr Rajiv Kapoor – General Manager of Fairmont Hotel in an effort to create a great sound experience for a bar and after-hour party lounge. The objective was to be able to provide a clear, impactful sound that wouldn’t disrupt the hotel room guests at any time.

The stunning SAT 44 G2 and DQOR8 loudspeakers from LD Systems have been installed in the lounge, providing superior audio coverage and clarity. The loudspeaker design takes advantage of the excellent acoustic characteristics of the DQOR8 to create a pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore, speakers are powered by DP4950, LDXS700, and Dynatech HP-7000. Marani DPA260P is the speaker management system (DSP) ensures optimal sound control.

Commenting on the project Bharat from JB’s “The management insisted on a consistent and uniform sound experience throughout the entire lounge without compromising on clarity or impact and at the same time the guests in the rooms are not disturbed. It was also important that the loudspeakers blend well with the surroundings and the décor of the hotel. Based on this brief, we chose products from LD Systems since they met the performance and design specifications. Plus, we also received a great deal of support from Stagemix Technologies – the official distributor of LD Systems in India – all of which made our work really simple and fun. JB’s is now entrusted with an audio solution for the upcoming Root-top Club for the elite at Fairmont Jaipur.


LD DQOR8 Speaker


LD SAT 442 G2 Speakers

LD SAT 442 G2

LD XS700 Amplifier

LD XS700 Amplifier


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