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Brewed to Perfection: Experience A next level Audio from LD Systems

Soul Brewery in Jaipur is known for its exceptional craft beer and lively ambience, but what truly sets it apart is its state-of-the-art audio system. The brewery has invested in high-quality speakers and amplifiers that deliver crisp clear sound throughout the establishment.

The audio system was an essential component of the Soul Brewery. Harpal Singh the brewer & one of the promoters of Soul Brewery wanted an audio system which is vibrant, which enhances the beer tasting experience and gives a customer a whole new experience of beer tasting to the next level.

Harpal Singh & Tarun Singh, promoters of Soul Brewery contacted audio expert Bharat of JB’s and tasked him with an assignment to create a vibrant experience. Today LD Systems audio is enhancing the beer-tasting experience with the right music mix; it is creating an immersive and enjoyable experience while sipping on a crisp lager, enhancing the flavours & aroma of the beer.

The vibrant sound is provided by LD Systems SAT122 G2 passive install speakers, ICOASUB18A Subwoofers, ICOA12A Coaxial PA Loudspeaker, DYNATECH DEL-118 subwoofer, LDDP4950 PA Power Amplifier. The loudspeakers are expertly designed to take advantage of superb acoustic characteristics resulting in a vibrant and immersive atmosphere. The combination of these audio systems allows for fine-tuning of the sound quality to achieve the perfect balance, creating an unparalleled listening experience.

Bharat, promoters of JB’s, explained that the management wanted a vibrant sound experience throughout the entire brewery without compromising on clarity or impact, additionally, it was crucial that the loudspeakers blend well with the brewery surroundings and decor. Based on these requirements, he chose LD Systems products as they met the performance and design specifications. The team received excellent support from Stagemix Technologies, the official LD Systems distributor in India.


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