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Bangalore’s Coconut Grove gets groovy with an immersive soundscape from LD System Speakers

“The comprehensive sound solution from LD Systems that we’ve installed at Coconut Grove is unlike any other! The system as a whole is extremely intuitive, responsive and powerful, while also being beautiful and elegant enough to blend in seamlessly with the décor and aesthetics of the venue – both indoor and outdoor … What’s more is that the entire venue enveloped in an immersive soundscape that highlights even the most nuanced music notes, while also offering a consistent tonal signature. This means that the sound experience at the outdoor section is as pleasant and enjoyable as it is in the indoor section!” exclaims Charan Ponappa of Concrete Audio – the solutions company that designed and installed the spanking new audio system at Coconut Grove – Bangalore’s favourite spot to reminisce the beautiful scenes and cuisines of Kerala.

Charan Ponappa reveals that the Concrete Audio team received a clear brief from the venue’s management to design a comprehensive system that would offer clear, consistent and impactful sound performance while also being unobtrusive in appearance. Based on this, Concrete Audio chose to equip the indoor section of Coconut Grove with the LD Systems MAUI i1 column loudspeakers to act as the primary system, along with the LD Systems Sat82 multipurpose speakers for additional reinforcement. For the outdoor section, the team chose to install the LD Systems MAUI i1 column loudspeakers once again as the primary system, with the LD Systems DQOR 5W as additional reinforcement.

“Working with LD Systems products is great. The performance value is really good, and the speakers can easily be controlled and adapted to fit any given requirement. We’re thankful to the Stagemix team for all the support they provided throughout the course of this project, and we’re looking forward to our next project with them in the future” concludes Charan.


DQOR 5 W 5″ Two-way Passive Indoor/Outdoor Installation Loudspeaker

SAT 82 A G2

SAT 82 A G2 8″ Active Installation Monitor black – Wall mounted

LD MAUI i1 Column speaker

MAUI i1 Passive Indoor/Outdoor Installation Column Loudspeaker


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