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QuickQ 30

The ChamSys QuickQ 30 is a user-friendly lighting control console with a large touch screen, smart phone-like interface, and intuitive features, ideal for controlling dimmers, LED color mixing, and moving light fixtures, offering seamless setup, programming, and playback for both novice and experienced users.


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The QuickQ 30 is the ultimate lighting control console for all your dimmer, LED color mixing, and moving light fixture needs. With its user-friendly interface and affordable price, it's the perfect choice for any talent management business in need of top-notch lighting control.

Featuring a large 9.7-inch touch screen with a smartphone-like interface, the QuickQ 30 makes setup, programming, and playback of your show a breeze. The console's built-in WIFI capabilities allow for remote connections to the free QuickQ app, available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Simply scan the QR code on the console display to connect the app and take control of your lighting setup.

The console's intuitive buttons and faders, easy color selection and intensity control tools, and touch screen with zooming and scrolling capabilities put everything you need at your fingertips. The simple cue/chase system allows for seamless playback of your programmed show.

For further convenience, the QuickQ console comes with free offline programming software for Mac and Windows, which includes the ChamSys MagicVis visualizer. Program your show on your computer, save it onto a flash drive, and load it onto the QuickQ console for flawless execution.

With over 50,000 personalities in ChamSys extensive and continuously updated personality library, the QuickQ 30 can automatically detect, patch, and configure RDM compliant fixtures, making it incredibly versatile and adaptable to any lighting setup.

And the best part? QuickQ shows are compatible and can be loaded onto any MagicQ system, allowing for future progression onto ChamSys more advanced MagicQ range of consoles. This means that as your talent management business grows, your lighting control capabilities can grow with it.

Invest in the QuickQ 30 and take your talent management business to the next level with professional-grade lighting control that's both user-friendly and affordable.

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