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QuickQ 20

The ChamSys QuickQ 20 is an affordable lighting control console, featuring a 9.7-inch touch screen with smartphone-like interface, automatic detection of RDM fixtures, built-in WIFI, and a simple cue/chase system for dimmers, LED color mixing, and moving light fixtures, making it ideal for users of all levels with easy setup, programming, and playback capabilities.


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The QuickQ 20 is a user-friendly and affordable lighting control console from ChamSys. It is perfect for controlling dimmer, LED color mixing, and moving light fixtures. The console features a large 9.7-inch touch screen with a smartphone-like interface, making it easy to set up, program, and play back your show.

The QuickQ 20 can automatically detect and patch RDM compliant fixtures, and it has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities so you can connect to the free QuickQ app on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. The console also has easy-to-understand buttons and faders, simple color selection and intensity control tools, a large touch screen with zooming and scrolling, and a simple cue/chase system for playback.

The QuickQ 20 is specifically aimed at the novice user, and the interface makes it easy to learn how to set up, program, and operate the console. The console also has free offline programming software available for Mac and Windows, so you can program your show on your computer and then load it onto the console.

QuickQ uses ChamSys's extensive and continuously updated personality library with over 45,000 personalities. This means that you can be sure that the QuickQ 20 will be able to control your specific lighting fixtures.

QuickQ shows are also compatible with MagicQ systems, so you can load your QuickQ shows onto any MagicQ console. This makes it easy to upgrade to a more advanced ChamSys console in the future.

Overall, the QuickQ 20 is a great choice for beginners and experienced lighting users alike. It is easy to use, affordable, and packed with features.

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