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The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up A MAUI 28 G2 Bluetooth Speaker

Updated: Apr 23

Bluetooth speaker

Are you ready to take your music listening experience to the next level with MAUI 28 G2 – Bluetooth Speaker? This guide will help you find out which devices you can use with them, how to pair them, and more.

Choose the best location.

Picking the right spot for your speakers is key to enjoying them. Look for a location that has no clutter blocking sound, with enough space for the speaker movement so that you can get the best sound quality. Make sure there is nothing above them like shelves or furniture as this could muffle the sound, and also keep away from any air vents or appliances as this will cause interference. When it comes to the height, consider putting them at ear level so they can deliver great audio without straining your ears.

To get the best possible wireless experience, you also want to make sure that your bluetooth speakers are in range of the device you’re connecting them with. This means being aware of how far away each speaker is from the source and making sure that this distance isn’t too great. Once you have found the ideal set-up and placed your speakers in their optimal location, it’s time to sit back and enjoy!

Connect other outputs, such as 3.5mm Line In and RCA audio.

The MAUI 28 G2 Bluetooth Speaker includes 3.5mm Line In and RCA audio connections so you can connect any other audio devices. Simply plug the 3.5mm audio cable into your device and then into the speaker, or use an RCA to 3.5mm adapter if you’re connecting it to an RCA input device. You may need to adjust the volume on each output so that they are correctly balanced – this can be done through the main speaker interface or with individual hardware volume controls.

After connecting your device, you can then adjust the EQ settings. The MAUI 28 G2 allows you to fine-tune your sound by selecting from six different equalization profiles. You can also further customize the output by tweaking the bass and treble controls to suit your own personal preferences and listening environment. With so much control over your audio output, you’re sure to find a setting that works best for whatever type of content you’re listening to.

Connect power and turn it on.

To start using your MAUI 28 G2 Bluetooth Speaker, connect the power cable to the speaker, then plug it into the wall. Once powered on, press the power button to turn the speaker on and wait for it to boot up. You will hear a tone when it is ready for you to connect your devices.

When your device and MAUI 28 G2 Bluetooth Speaker are in range, you will see the speaker appear on your list of devices. Simply select it from the list and wait for it to connect. Now, you’re all set to start enjoying your music with clear, booming sound quality! Many new speakers include an AUX input so that you can connect as many musical devices as you want – perfect for a party environment or when giving a presentation. Get ready to move the crowd without lifting a finger!

Pair with a device of your choice.

The MAUI 28 G2 Bluetooth Speaker is compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. To pair your speaker and device, go to the Bluetooth settings on your device and search for the MAUI 28 G2. When it shows up in the list of found devices, select it to connect. You will hear a tone when the connection is successful.

Now you can play music, or even use your device to access the MAUI’s built-in voice assistant. On iPhones and iPads, simply ask Siri to play your favorite songs. With Android devices, your MAUI 28 G2 will automatically connect with the Google Assistant so you can control playback without touching a single button. Now start listening to your favorite tunes with MAUI’s crystal-clear sound for an effortless audio experience anywhere you go.


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